California Dreaming: An Invitation to join us in Sacramento

This year’s conference theme, “What If We Tried This:  Innovating Writing Programs,” reflects both our organization’s needs and the location where we will be convening.  The spirit of innovation that created California as a place for pioneers and which still informs the Silicon Valley—while not without challenges—reflects the daily choices WPAs make in their day-to-day work. 

So, come join us as we all do some California dreaming.

Change is hard.  Fundamental change, transformative change, innovation—that is at once thrilling and frightening and necessary.  It is also fraught with administrative and ethical choices.  Those choices will be at the heart of our conversations about innovation, conversations ignited by the truly brilliant set of proposals we have received.

So join us. Come to Sacramento. You will be most welcome.

While we all communicate daily across the miles, at CWPA you will communicate across the table, claim those hugs and that fellowship that refreshes and supports us. 

You will learn.

You will teach.

You will return not with a bag full of gold, but the equivalent in fresh ideas, renewed spirit, and new lifetime friends.